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My rate for private lessons is $40/hour +hst, minimum 3-hour classes, and a minimum 3-class session. This includes all clay, glazes, firings, use of tools…everything you need!

We do at least three classes, usually once a week because that allows time for drying and firing and lets you work on the pieces at each of the major stages: throwing, trimming and glazing. I will fire your work in my kilns. You will finish the session with a small body of work, 2 or 3 pieces which will be safe for food use. You will also have a good introduction to the skills and steps involved in handmade pottery. In a private lesson students learn and excel quickly, often the very first pieces created are of surprisingly good quality.

Any true Introduction to Wheel Thrown Pottery class would be a minimum of 8 classes.  That would allow an introduction to forming and finishing the basic shapes of pottery, such as cups or mugs, bowls and plates. You would have a bit more time develop the basic skills of throwing, trimming and glazing, and complete 8-12 pieces, growing and building your skills each week.

SEMI-PRIVATE: I have four potter’s wheels and can accommodate up to four students at a time, so if you can gather a group together you can get a bit of a price break, cutting your cost to $30 per hour, per person for two students, or $25 per hour, per person if there are three students, or $20 per hour, per person if there are four students.


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