Turning Bull Pottery - London, Ontario
Pottery - London, Ontario
Beth Turnbull Morrish - Turning Bull Pottery

Turning Bull TablewareArtist Statement

I am a maker of artifacts. My functional tableware documents the cuisines and customs of my own culture. I create wares that are designed for specific foods, and often embellish the surface with text about ingredients, recipes and cultural traditions. I commemorate how foods and traditions from diverse backgrounds come together and complement one another.

Mealtime brings people together to celebrate our similarities and differences. I strive to honour these dining experiences with attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.

My influences include but are certainly not limited to: expressive typography, print design and advertising, etymology, almost everything to do with food, from raw ingredients and recipes to menus and cookbooks, as well as function and industrial design of utilitarian objects.












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